Dear Diary

During my childhood I was obsessed with maintaining a diary but I doubt I kept it for more than a day. I was more paranoid that someone else would read it. Due to this fear, I ended up erasing whatever I wrote. So now, I have no written proof to embarrass myself of my childish immaturity. (:(

More recently (if you compare the time difference to, say the mesozoic era), I caught on this bug again. This time I made it a doodle diary, filling the pages with tiny doodles that depicted various events of my day. They are pretty generic and more artsy than to actually capture memories (obviously). Here are two pages of that journal.



Figure it out! 🙂



Doodle assist

You know that feeling when you start making something with an idea in your mind and it doesn’t work out, but you end up making something else that’s way better that your initial idea? Well, that happened today.

There is this cool instrument/toy that looks like this. I’m not sure what it’s called, though.


So you put your pencil in one of those holes and move the “gear” in a circular motion. You continue doing that until the pattern begins to overlap. The farther you are from the center of the gear, the more spread out is the design.


I thought about making paper cut-outs with these but the design was too closely knit and made it frustrating to cut. After damaging two pieces, I started colouring whatever was left of them with a sketch pen. I think it turned out well.


It almost looks like it’s been printed. I’d call it a success!

Tiny stuff

I have this ginormous stash of quilling strips. I have never really taken it up seriously but I bought them with some ideas in mind that I never implemented. Plus they are coloured paper! Enough said.

I took a few strips from that stash with the hope of making many many items. I managed to make 1 pair of earrings before getting distracted. I consider this a win, though.


As I was making the second of the pair, I wondered what was the smallest quilled object I could make. I don’t mean an individual component, but rather an entire entity. I don’t think that came out right. What I mean is, a single coiled circle isn’t counted but a tiny flower is.

So I went about to make a duck. I made one and tried a second smaller one. I stopped there because I realised that my own fingers are my limitations. I need an instrument, like forceps if I intend to attempt a smaller duck.

Ducks on a scale for scale.

I’ve made several earrings in the past. I don’t know why since I rarely wear earrings. Perhaps I can use them as a gifting item. Anyway, here are some of my creations combined using my wicked MS Paint skills.


Note: All the above are my ideas and not a copy of existing work.


It is the weekend and that implies a lot of idle time. Now, to do something with all that time, I decided to clean my cupboard. This is the perfect case of if-I-can’t-sort-out-my-life-let-me-at-least-sort-out-my-cupboard.

While sorting things, I took out this plastic bag filled with tiny crocheted items back when I was trying things out. It’s been quite a few months (okay, years) since I have opened that bag. When I opened it what I found inside gave me goosebumps I found something unexpected.

It had been so long that there was bacteria growing with the knick-knacks.
Let me show you what I mean.

I found a specimen that is definitely a variant of chlamydomonas.


Thanks to my high-school biology knowledge, I could identify it. I wasn’t so lucky with the next one. Let’s just call it “Dead remains of another algae”.


I knew it. Even micro-organisms can not survive the Hyderabad heat.

After that horrific experience, I tied up the bag and dumped all my belongings back in the cupboard. I can sort things out another time.

The items in the above two images are examples of “Tatting”. Tatting is a super cool needle craft where intricate lace designs are made with knots and loops. This blog  was what initially inspired me to take it up. Do check it out! I was saddened to hear how tatting was considered a dying craft form but also hopeful that there are attempts being made to revive it.

Looks Decidedly Fishy

It’s been a long time since I set my eyes on these beautiful crocheted dragon scale gloves. I finally found the courage to make them (or rather one of them) last week.

And it was a bit of a disaster, to say the least.

I figured out how to make the “scales” and completed the rest of it fitting it exactly to my hand. I fit it so well that I almost tore the glove when I was trying to remove it.

Multicoloured wollen yarn with 3.5mm crochet hook

Anyway, my mother thought it looked more like fish scales. She said this after I mentioned that they were meant to be scales, so I don’t think her observation is counted.

I definitely need to have another go at it. :/

The Wheel of Doom

Calling all super-villains!

I have (almost) done it. I am on my way to construct the ultimate artefact of doom. And luckily for you, I am willing to share a picture of this very creation.

One spin along with the chant of the name of your mortal enemy followed by evil laughter is all it takes* for 24 hours, i.e. 86400 seconds of the ultimate horror to befall them.

Don’t believe me? Then scroll/continue below to find out…

*Conditions apply

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City Skyline

Whenever I see clusters of buildings at night, I try to find patterns in the lights on their floors. It’s like the modern-day city version of joining stars or identifying shapes in clouds.

Why not go a step further and consider them as a continuous blob for you to fill with whatever you fancy?

A5, pen and colour pencils

Inspired by this and another whose link I can not find right now.