Last week I felt this inexplicable urge to sketch. This is quite unusual considering how that is not something I do nor have I shown much interest in the various shades of grey (no pun intended). So I pulled out my stash of pencils1 ranging from HB to 8B and opened the image chosen as my first victim. I dilly-dallied, measuring the image on my phone and drawing a rectangle perfectly to scale2 on a sheet of paper.

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Hello world

Although this blog is about crafty things, as an engineer, I feel obliged to start with the customary greeting.

Here’s a little FAQ to help you acquaint yourself with the blog.

What is this blog about?

Crafty things! No, this blog is not about how to be a crafty (cunning) person or anything of that sort. It’s about paper crafts, doodles, and needlecraft. This list will definitely grow as I find other fascinating things.

*Groan* Another artsy blog? How is this different?

Well, I’m interested in a LOT of things. It is highly possible that I will have a post for something close to what you find exciting. I spend most of my internet time scrounging for different art forms and I pick up a subset of these. Doodling, quilling, origami, kirigami, crochet, tatting, polymer clay charms, sketching and acrylic painting – all fall in my bucket.

That’s nice! What do you do with what you make?

All my artwork is for my personal use. I make things just because I like making them. I haven’t thought of making pieces to sell and I doubt I will in the near future.

Um… That doodle/drawing/art-thing looks a lot like mine!

I do take inspiration and will definitely credit the source of my inspiration. If I’ve missed it out, don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

How often will you post?

I am considering spacing out my posts to once a week. However, reality might not align with my whims and fancies.

Happy reading!