A bizzare sequence of sketches

Chapter 1: Park

It was a dark and stormy night. It was a bright and sunny morning. The grass felt cool to sit on. It was recently trimmed, so it was quite prickly. But that didn’t matter much. I looked up and smiled upon viewing the spectacle in front of me.

He looked very grumpy. Or maybe he was just concentrating. She, on the other hand, had an air of calmness. Both of them had notebooks on their laps and were scribbling/drawing away.


It was an uncommon trio and this was our first meet outside the walls of our college. While most fellow college-mates frequented malls, we decided on Lalbagh.

Lalbagh. It was twenty minutes and these two had not budged from their seats, nor had their expressions changed. *sigh* It was going to be a long day before I could head back home.

Chapter 2: Home

I leaned against the wall of my room next to the door. It was a long day. I just slumped down on the floor. I looked around with distaste. The dressing cupboard was disorganised. Who had time to tidy up, anyway?


There were bottles of face cream, body lotion, sunscreen, oil and what-not. Each had its distinct use but had a layer of dust from non-usage. Perhaps there’s an analogy to life from all this but I forget.

My eyelids drooped with drowsiness and I let the impending sleep consume me…

Chapter 3: Connected

*ting* I jolted awake. I looked around. This was not my bed or even my room. Oh well, at least the sleep was good.

*ting* She was at the door of the room. It appeared as though she was charging herself, electrically. A wire extended from her to the nearest socket. No wonder she didn’t need much food or sleep.


*ting* I finally came back to my senses. The sound was that of her phone as she exchanged messages. Silly me. Unfortunately, it was a weekday, which meant that I would have to get ready for work.


Chapter 4: Office

It was yet another day at work. I did not feel like sitting at my desk that day so I wandered around. I chose the cubicle with a bean bag for obvious reasons. Someone was at the desk, completely engrossed in his work.


I didn’t bother him much. I was happy with the bean bag.

It felt like yesterday I was at Lalbhag. Maybe it was yesterday in a warped sense. If you believe that time is loopy, then it definitely was yesterday, or tomorrow.


I needed to escape for a bit.

Chapter 5: Elsewhere

I peeped out of my tent and inhaled the crisp and clean air. I shivered. It was quite cold outside.

When I had thought of escaping, I definitely didn’t consider this. However, I liked the outcome.


I gazed upon the cow shed in front of my tent. I wondered how they brought up cows here. It was 7,700 ft above sea level with the only entry point being a stony 10km long trail from the nearest town. That village was pretty obscure. It lived up to its name too – Grahan (eclipse).

I closed my book and headed out. I wondered what would happen next.


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