Cruising away

A tremble in the ground woke me up. Groggily, I sat up and brushed away all the sand from my arms and feet. I was having a lovely dream in which I was feasting on grilled panini and chocolate mousse. My stomach grumbled. I think that’s what trembled and woke me up.

The ship! I groaned.

A few days ago, my friend (JJ) and I were loitering along the docks looking at cruise ships. We had this “hobby” where we dressed up in our finest clothes and went aboard cruise ships to look around (we weren’t thieves) and pretend that we were rich and fancy. Sometimes we got to sample food too. It was our ten minutes of extravagance. That day when we paused in front of a particularly large ship, a steward ran towards us and said, “Sirs, please come aboard, we will be leaving in fifteen minutes.”

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