It is the weekend and that implies a lot of idle time. Now, to do something with all that time, I decided to clean my cupboard. This is the perfect case of if-I-can’t-sort-out-my-life-let-me-at-least-sort-out-my-cupboard.

While sorting things, I took out this plastic bag filled with tiny crocheted items back when I was trying things out. It’s been quite a few months (okay, years) since I have opened that bag. When I opened it what I found inside gave me goosebumps I found something unexpected.

It had been so long that there was bacteria growing with the knick-knacks.
Let me show you what I mean.

I found a specimen that is definitely a variant of chlamydomonas.


Thanks to my high-school biology knowledge, I could identify it. I wasn’t so lucky with the next one. Let’s just call it “Dead remains of another algae”.


I knew it. Even micro-organisms can not survive the Hyderabad heat.

After that horrific experience, I tied up the bag and dumped all my belongings back in the cupboard. I can sort things out another time.

The items in the above two images are examples of “Tatting”. Tatting is a super cool needle craft where intricate lace designs are made with knots and loops. This blog  was what initially inspired me to take it up. Do check it out! I was saddened to hear how tatting was considered a dying craft form but also hopeful that there are attempts being made to revive it.


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