The Wheel of Doom

Calling all super-villains!

I have (almost) done it. I am on my way to construct the ultimate artefact of doom. And luckily for you, I am willing to share a picture of this very creation.

One spin along with the chant of the name of your mortal enemy followed by evil laughter is all it takes* for 24 hours, i.e. 86400 seconds of the ultimate horror to befall them.

Don’t believe me? Then scroll/continue below to find out…

*Conditions apply

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Cut it out!

A few weeks ago I came across these stunning paper cut-outs by LettreMix and Suzy Taylor. They are so intricate. My hands were itching to try a cut-out myself. Fortunately, I had a paper blade. Unfortunately, it was as blunt as a butter knife. Nevertheless, I tried cutting a simple design. But, I was severely disappointed with what I considered my prized possession. So I ordered a new one. Don’t worry, the old one is still there. I’m not that quick to change loyalties.

And oh my… This cut paper like it was butter. (It = paper, I’m not indicating that you can use butter to cut paper. Just being thorough for all you nit-pickers.) I tried an intricate design and was quite pleased with the result.

Tiny flower cut-out
No product placement intended.

This tiny piece reminded me of something my mother constantly says – make BIG things. I decided to heed her advice this time. Sort of.

Home sweet home
Home sweet home. (A4 size paper)

I liked the outcome of my first piece and developed on it to create a more intricate structure. As for the background, I refused to drop to the level of solid monochrome, so I settled for 2 colours. Pardon me for the sub-par typography. As I was cutting the paper and removing the scraps, bits and pieces of the wreath were revealed. The whole process was very satisfying.