Drawing women

When I started drawing, most of my drawings were of the male gender since I felt they were a bit easier to draw. Women have hair in complex forms. Anyway, excuses.

*Gulp* Here is my first victim.
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A bizzare sequence of sketches

Chapter 1: Park

It was a dark and stormy night. It was a bright and sunny morning. The grass felt cool to sit on. It was recently trimmed, so it was quite prickly. But that didn’t matter much. I looked up and smiled upon viewing the spectacle in front of me.

He looked very grumpy. Or maybe he was just concentrating. She, on the other hand, had an air of calmness. Both of them had notebooks on their laps and were scribbling/drawing away.


It was an uncommon trio and this was our first meet outside the walls of our college. While most fellow college-mates frequented malls, we decided on Lalbagh.

Lalbagh. It was twenty minutes and these two had not budged from their seats, nor had their expressions changed. *sigh* It was going to be a long day before I could head back home.

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Last week I felt this inexplicable urge to sketch. This is quite unusual considering how that is not something I do nor have I shown much interest in the various shades of grey (no pun intended). So I pulled out my stash of pencils1 ranging from HB to 8B and opened the image chosen as my first victim. I dilly-dallied, measuring the image on my phone and drawing a rectangle perfectly to scale2 on a sheet of paper.

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